Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hotmail login - login

Hotmail login – a online email service based on web help you send and receive email messages to your friends and colleagues. With the speed of mailing is safe and professional when you use Gmail account.

Hotmail is a popular email send and receive service. However nowadays, most users usually sign up gmail to send email and register many services on the internet such as register garena…, create account for gaming…

Log in to Hotmail is quite easy, like signing in to Outlook Mail because Hotmail and Outlook Mail are both Microsoft’s email address. So login to Hotmail and sign in Outlook is the similar to each other.

Step #1: Access “here”.

Step #2: Type your user name -> click Next

Step #3: Enter your password then click on “Sign in“.

If you haven't had an account, please choose "No account? Create one!" (Referring “how to register a Hotmail account” to create an account for yourself)

Step #4: Interface of signing in Hotmail is successful

Hotmail or Outlook  Mail are both such email accounts that helping you use Microsoft services, it means two their interfaces of these e-mail is the same.

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Hotmail registration steps are complicated !!! Thank you for letting me understand the quicker registration
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